Where does CEAG operate?

The Chesapeake Bay region and the Tampa Bay region are the two primary focus areas for the work of CEAG.

Both markets consist of diverse political perspectives, robust diversified economies, and exceptional demographic characteristics including a wide socio-economic spectrum. Both are growing.

Up to now, businesses and individuals have preferred to settle around water. These preferred areas will remain popular throughout the 21st century but will begin to experience the dynamics of a shifting climate, environmental pressures on urban waterways, and the inevitable regulatory responses from local officials.

CEAG believes these changing parameters will have significant implications for capital expenditures in these waterfront communities for the next several decades.

CEAG will service clients in a variety of locations around the country, but the focus area is a 90-minute radius around either bay region. Major urban areas within these service corridors include:

Philadelphia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, Clearwater, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and Sarasota.