When should CEAG be engaged?

The depth of knowledge and execution capabilities of CEAG allow participation at any stage, in any order, and from time to time.

Ideally, CEAG is engaged throughout the process of envisioning, designing, and implementing a project or endeavor. Doing so allows CEAG’s clients to benefit from continuity of service and seamless transitioning. Periodically, CEAG is engaged to guide a singular portion of the process.
Project Phases

CEAG can take projects from initial concepts to their final operations. CEAG has the expertise to guide clients through each and every stage of the process, creating a smooth transition from start to finish. CEAG also has the flexibility to enter the project at any time and can provide services at singular stages depending on the client's needs.

  • 01


    Aesthetic Goals; Feasibility; Entitlement; Market Analysis; Utility Adequacy

  • 02


    Further refinement of aesthetic objectives; Schematic Design; Design Development; Construction Documents

  • 03

    Financial Modeling

    Proforma & Cash Flow Analysis; Sources & Uses Analysis; Capital Stack Analysis

  • 04

    Obtain Financing

    Grants & Tax Credits; Private Equity; Commercial Lending

  • 05


    Regulatory, Community and Permit Approvals

  • 06


    Contract Administration; Pay Application Review; Change Order Resolution

  • 07


    Start-up Procedures; Property & Asset Management Oversight

Most clients retain CEAG from concept to fruition. Certain clients, however, retain CEAG to provide limited services such as expert opinion, underwriting, dispute resolution, construction oversight, or economic assessment of projects and endeavors being developed outside of CEAG’s control.