What does CEAG do?

CEAG links multi-faceted clients to an array of external professionals who build high-quality real estate assets and implement solid business plans.

Through a unique bundle of three specialized actions, Design, Finance and Execution, CEAG helps to guide complex projects & endeavors for forward-thinking clientele.


Aesthetic goals are often overlooked by finance-minded executives. Yet perception can be more important than reality. CEAG believes human responsiveness peaks when ideas are clear and appeal to a broad array of personal preferences and learning styles.


Financing requirements are often at odds with aesthetic or implementation goals. CEAG conducts financial analysis during the design and idea formation process. By subjecting emerging ideas to a series of financial tests, economic missteps are avoided and investment gains are maximized.


Bringing a great idea to life depends on more than vision and capital. CEAG orchestrates talented teams of professionals with deep industry knowledge and proven logistical capabilities.

Our Role

Some describe the service provided by CEAG using the label “Owner Representation.” Some use the label “Project Management” or “Development-for-hire.” Others call it “Business Consultation.” While it is true there are subtle distinctions between real estate consulting work and business consulting work, for the majority of CEAG’s clients, the two are intertwined.

By distilling the voices of multiple stakeholders into singular guidance, CEAG acts as a conduit to ensure efficient communication between two major parties that traditionally struggle to exchange effective dialogue.